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Set design and build



Hundreds of projects.....

Having designed, styled, and art-directed hundreds of projects, films, commercials, photo shoots, live events, and even interior designs, we have the knowledge, skills, and creative eye to breathe life into your shoot or event. Whether you need some basic art direction to get you on track, or a more complete soup to nuts design package, we can provide you with exactly the amount of assistance you need, whatever your project.

The “process” can take many forms. A large and complicated build involving many layers of creative, for example, including client, agency, production company, and director, can require several iterations of drawings and feedback on the way to the finish. A more modest creative expedition could involve just a pass or two to achieve your desired outcome. Either way (and for everything in between), we are ready to provide whatever level of art direction you need, from a quick napkin sketch to a full 3D rendering. 


Once the design is done, you may need a full service art department to see your project to the finish line. Southside Allstars is your one stop shop. We are nimble and efficient. When we get your call, we’ll be ready to turn on a dime and get to work--on your schedule, and within your budget. We thrive on the short-turnaround/we-need-it-yesterday reality of modern production. Our trained crew of fabricators and art department Allstars, plus the massive roster of specialty vendors and suppliers we’ve got in our back pocket, allow us to take on any challenge.