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Southside Allstars moved into its shiny new location in the SODO district of Seattle in 2016.

A major upgrade, the new space is centrally located, architecturally attractive, and seriously functional.

Since then, we have worked hard to create, within this fantastic shell, a multi-functional space that inspires maximum creativity, while maintaining an inherently pleasing, comfortable, and inviting place to work and hang out.

Best of all, you too can take advantage of its kickass facilities. We offer single to multi-day rentals on all or part of the facilities.  

Work/Build shop:

Our scene shop is the foundation. Equipped with the tools, space, and materials needed to tackle any sort of build or fabrication, it is both blue collar and lab coat. It’s where we Southsiders are most at home. And it could be yours as well. If you find yourself in need of a seriously put together workshop where your crew can build a set, or make a key prop, for a day or a month, do it at our place. Efficiency, simplicity, and a roll up door right to the shop floor!


Production Truck:

Our 15’ box truck has a sweet tilting, full-sized liftgate with remote. All we require is that you provide your own production insurance, and it’s yours for as long as you need it. Art department, wardrobe, or production, this truck can haul it.


Insert studio:

You need a space for some MOS product shooting, or you agreed to do a low budget music video, but don’t need a full studio (or the cost of one)? We are happy to host small shoots, both film and photo. Our natural light is fantastic, or we can black out as little or as much as you need. 


Production Office:

Need some short-term office space? Use ours! As with the shop, our office is also multi-functional. Of course, we do all of our own business there, but it’s a set piece in its own right, as we stage some of our best set dressing and prop artwork there. It’s comfortable, stylish, and ready for your production crew to get some serious s@#t done. We even have a conference room with, I kid you not, a fifteen-foot-long conference table that seats something like a hundred people. And, perhaps most importantly, a small kitchen, chock full of craft service!